Innovations in hydropolymer cross-linking

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LuroMed LLC develops and commercializes proprietary polymer technology for use in therapeutic topical skin care and in medical applications including soft tissue augmentation and drug delivery. In the skincare field, the company's patented technology utilizes natural polysaccharide chemistry to produce biopolymers which bind to, and deliver active ingredients, including water, to the skin.

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LuroMed LLC currently occupies laboratory space and private offices. The laboratory is equipped to carry out wet chemical analysis, polymer characterization (identification, viscosity, particle size, pH etc), polymer derivatization, in support of research and development of new HA-based materials for use in topical skincare applications.


LuroMed LLC has developed technology for various HA-based products, including unique cross-linked HA-polymer complexes used in personal care products. LuroMed also develops and produces its own HA ingredients; large scale production is conducted at contract manufacturing facilities in NY and NJ under cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices, USFDA).

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